Krabooz Cribz Value Pack


Get everything you need for your new pet hermit crab including the Cribz enclosure for 20% cheaper! 

This Pack Includes: 

1 x Cribz enclosure
2 x Food /Water Bowlz
1 x Poolz
1 x Muncheiz
1 x Saltz
1 x Super Zandz
1 x Hutz
1 x Treez
1 x Heat Matz
1 x Dooper Drops
1 x Spare Shell
​​1 x Adoption certificate

If you wish, this pack can include 2 x live pet hermit crabs! One being the tribe/colour of your choice, the other in a natural shell for FREE!

*If certain products are not available, we will replace with a similar product, eg If Hutz aren't available, we will replace with a Cha Cha Leaf Hutz or a K-Huds Sardine Can.