Insectimo Stick Insects

The Best Pet for Your Kids!
Insectimo Stick Insects are great pets! They are very low maintenance and super entertaining! Watch as your insect eats their gum leaves, crawl around the enclosure and sway from side to side to mimic a leaf in the wind! These insects are super gentle, so they're amazing for younger kids. Also, our female stick insects will lay eggs almost every day, you can take these eggs and easily nurse them to life! Hatching stick insects is an awesome educational experience for your child and fun for the whole family!


Everything You Need to Care for Your New Best Friend!

The Insectimo Stick Insects are super easy to care for! All they require is fresh gum leaves every few days or whenever they start to look dry (you could find a gum tree at a local park, around local streets etc), and a mist every day as they drink the water droplets off the leaves, that's it! Have a look at our Pet Care Info for a more in depth explanation on how to care for your stick insect!


Grab everything you need to look after your new creepy crawly friend! 

Pet Hermit Crabs

Hermit crabs are an awesome First Time Pet! Not only are they fun, active and entertaining, they also educate kids on how to look after a pet and help children build social and nurturing skills! 

Watch as your Hermit Crab explores their enclosure, climbs their accessories and change their shell as they grow! You can even handle your hermit crabs, they are very social animals and handling creates an unbreakable bond between you and your new best friend!

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Pet Stick Insect

Stick insects are an awesome pet! They're extremely easy to look after and gentle to handle! 

Let your new pet crawl up your arm and watch as they dance! Your stick insect will also lay eggs every day, which you can hatch and nurse, allowing you to have as many stick insects as you'd like! Which is an amazing educational experience for your child! For more information on how to raise baby stick insects, check out our Insectimo Pet Care Info!

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Fish Tank TV

Fun and unique fish tanks for the whole family to enjoy! 

Our Fish Tank TV is the most creative and best selling aquarium on the market! This fish tank is perfect for any bedroom with a range of themes and accessories to choose from; including a Candy Land theme, Jurassic theme, or you can choose to create your own theme by picking accessories from our extensive range of fish aquarium accessories, we even have our Wham Fluro accessories that glow in the dark!

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